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Post  Goku on Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:45 pm

Helpful Items for training:

Only 1 gi- Fighter's gi ( 700 zeni )- gains 3000 pl per train

shirt- 2000 pl per train ( 400 zeni)

braces- 1500 per train ( 250 zeni )

Ankle braces- 1500 per train ( 250 zeni)

wieghted pants- 2000 per train ( 400 zeni )


Other Helpful Items:

Dragon radar: 500 zeni

Saiyan space pod: 1000 zeni ( Travel to 1 planet per day )

Namek space pod: 1200 zeni ( travel 2 planets per day )

capsule corp ship: 2500 zeni ( travel to 4 planets, 10x gravity chamber)

Frieza's ship: 3000 zeni ( travel to 5 planets, 10x gravity chamber, fits 10 people)

Upgraded engine: 600 zeni ( 2 extra planets per day )

100x gravity chamber: 75000 zeni ( Gains twice the normal gain for your weights )


Ki Techniques:

Kamehameha- 6 bp's- 18% of ki
Description: A powerful ki technique created by the turtle hermit- Master Roshi

galic gun- 7 bp's- 20% of ki
Description: A technique almost equal to the kamehameha... This was invented by Vegeta

masenko-ha- 9 bp's- 25% of ki
Description: A demonic wave that saiyans can also master

death beam- 6 bp's- 15% of ki
Description: A very powerful focused beam of ki! Invented by the changelings.

destructo disc- 13 bp's- 28% of ki
Description: A very powerful, but unaccurate disc of energy... Created by Krillin

super kamehameha- 18 bp's- 35% of ki
The more powerful version of the kamehameha! The user focuses even more and pushes the energy forward
Mover Required: Kamehameha

super galic gun- 15 bp's- 30% of ki
The upgraded Galick gun... Still weaker that the kamehameha
Move Required: Galick gun

full-power death beam: 12 bp's- 25% of ki
The user creates a larger beam capable of piercing flesh
Move Required: Death Beam

Big Bang Attack: 22 bp's- 38% of ki
Description: A ball of energy is thrown and detonates! Created by super saiyan Vegeta
Moves Required: Galick Gun, and Super Galick Gun

solar-kamehameha: 30 bp's- 50% of ki
Description:The user draws energy from the sun creating a very powerful blast- This was created by Cell
Moves Required: Kamehameha, and Super kamehameha

Final Flash: 25 bp's- 42% of ki
Description:A very focused blast that can leave an opponent without a body
Moves Required: Galick Gun, Super Galick Gun, Big Bang attack

kamehameha x10: 50 bp's- 70% of ki
Description: The user creates 2 kamehameha's in their hands and cupples them together creating a deadly blast! This was created by Goku ssj4
Moves Required: Kamehameha, Super Kamehameha, and Solar Kamehameha

Final Shine: 45 bp's- 60% of ki
Description: The user creates a green wave of pure power! Created by ssj4 Vegeta
Moves Required: Galick Gun, Super Galick Gun, Big Bang Attack, Final Flash

big bang kamehameha: 80 bp's- 120% of ki
Description: A fused, and very powerful Move- Created by Super Saiyan Gogeta ( Goku + Vegeta)
Moves Required: All Kamehameha's and Galic Gun's, Big Bang Attack, Final Flash, and Final Shine

big bang kamehameha x 100: 200 bp's- 250% of ki
Description: The ultimate Ki technique!! Created by ssj4 Gogeta
Moves Required: Same as other, except Big bang kamehameha is also required

Physical Techniques:

Rising Uppercut: 8 bp's- 15% of str
Description: A somewhat powerful fist to the jaw!

Rising Knee: 10 bp's- 18% of str
Description: A somewhat powerful knee to the gut!

Dashing Punch: 14 bp's- 22% of str
Description: A very speedy punch

Dashing Knee: 22 bp's- 28% of str
Description: A power-packed knee to the ribs!
Moves Required: Rising Knee

g-force punch: 20 bp's- 26% of str
Description: Your punch is so strong it creates gale force winds
Moves Required: Dashing Punch

Spinning top Kick: 30 bp's- 38% of str
Description: User spins at insane speeds and does a barrage of kicks

Crushing Grapple: 24 bp's- 30% of str
Description- User gets behind opponent and squuezes them in a death lock!

Fist of fate: 40 bp's- 50% of str
Description- The enemy is pelted with an intimidating punch that may make them surrender!
Moves Required: Dashing Punch, and G-Force Punch

Fists of Death- 70 bp's- 80% of str
Description: The enemy is tortured by a ton of insanely fast punches that glow red!
Moves Required: Dashing Punch, G-Force Punch, Fist of Fate

Dragon Fist- 100 bp's- 120% of str
Description: The user flies up and takes on the shape of a dragon that explodes on impact!
Moves required:Dashing Punch, G-Force Punch, Fist of Fate, and fists of death

Combo Attacks:

Blazing Assault: 28 bp's- 35% of str
Description: The user ignites and the punches and kicks are extremely painful!

Wolf Fang Fist: 32 bp's- 38% of str
Description: The user takes on the characteristics of a wolf and launches a savage assault!

Deadly Rush: 40 bp's- 50% of str
Description: A bloody assault that will leave the enemy stunned for one turn ( there is no defence against it!) ( can only be used once per fight!!!)

Soaring Eagle Strike: 55 bp's- 70% of str
Description: The strongest combo attack! The user takes on the shape of an eagle and punishes the opponent!!

Special moves/Transformation:

Metamorin Fusion technique: 30 bp's- both you and your partner must know the technique, when you fuse a new account is made and used everytime you fuse. The pl is both yours multiplied by 2... However your pl must be within 100k of eachother.

Confety Kamehameha!: 25 bp's- The user splits into 5 of himself and prepares to launch " the ultimate attack" his leaves the enemy stunned for 2 turns if the choose to do anything but block!

Ki Charge: The user charge up their ki when it's down! They can do up to 5x ki charge ( full ki regained) ( if Goku has 100,000 ki and is down to zero and uses a ki charge x 4 his ki is now 80,000) A 5x ki charge uses a full turn, and each 1x charge takes up one physical technique that can be fired back! 10 bp's are required!

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