Fighting Rules!

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Fighting Rules!

Post  Goku on Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:54 am

These are the rules for the rp's you will be doing in the game...

Rules for Fighting

1) You can't just dodge every attack your enemy sends on you unless your 3 times faster.

2) Only an admin or moderator can decide how much you gain from a spar, story train or other type of fight.

3) Each attack will be given a damage percentage ( ex. a punch does 10% of your strength... so if your strength is 10,000 you divide it by 10 and that's the damage your attack causes) This applies to both strength and ki attacks!

4) When your hp drops to 0 or you give up then you lose, no questions asked!

5) Unless a transformation is permanant you must must waste 1 turn to transform...

6) Have fun!! Very Happy

Gains from battles:

Spar gains: 1k to pl for every 5 replies ( admin or moderator may give a little extra if it's well done) As many spars per day as you want
Ko Match: 5k to pl for every 10 replies ( Same as above )
Death match: 15k to pl for every 5 replies ( Same as above, person who loses goes to the otherworld )
Story train: 2.5k for a 1x story train, the longer and more in depth it is the higher it can be graded ( better spelling, and storyline gets higher mark) up to a 25x story train, also shorter story writers can write 4 per day, longer can write 2... but long ones usually give more pl gain...
Quest train: 7k gain per 10 replies ( more if well done )

Training wieghts can also be added for extra bonuses in battle... and when you have enough pl to reach a transformation you must rp about the experience with the correct amount of words as told by the transformations section!

Hyperbolic time chamber training: The hyperbolic time chamber is a special room designed to allow a warrior to get a year's worth of training in a day! It's located on kami's lookout on the planet earth, every player will be given 4 free passes to enter this room, but after bthat you must pay 5k zeni to enter!

Within the hyperbolic time chamber your training wieghts are 2 times as effective, and after you finish training you'll recieve 20% to your pl, along with the original gains!
( Ex. Goku goes in the room with 50,000 pl and 15,000 pl training wieghts... he recieves a 12x story train- gains look like this- 50,000 pl divided by 5 ( 20%)= 10,000 pl+ 30,000 pl (for the training wieghts x2) + 30,000 pl for the story train+ 50,000 pl ( original pl)= 120,000 pl!

As you can see the hyperbolic time chamber is great training!

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