Earth Quests ( Saiyan Saga)

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Earth Quests ( Saiyan Saga)

Post  Goku on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:03 pm

Quest #1- A low-class saiyan warrior has come to the Earth and has some serious skill! It's a showdown between you and him, and only one man will be left standing! ( also done in group)
Reward- + 2000 pl, + 500 zeni, Go to King Kai's planet and learn some new moves ( only for the quest)
Important!- I or another admin will always act as the quest creature... Their stats will be adjusted to be slightly stronger or weaker depending on what quest it is!

Quest #2- An Elite saiyan warrior and his extremely powerful partner have come to the Earth to conquer! Can you use your new powers to defeat them?
Reward- + 4000 pl, +1000 zeni

Quest #3- You've taken out the Elite, but can you handle the Prince? Fight him in a battle to see who is the better fighter!
Reward- +5000 pl, + 1200 zeni


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