Frieza Saga ( Namek)

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Frieza Saga ( Namek)

Post  Goku on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:20 pm

Quest #1- You arrive on the planet to find a strong looking warrior named Recoome from the Ginyu Force! He was hired by Frieza to eliminate any possible bothers, and guess what... Your one!
Reward- + 5000 pl, + 1000 zeni

Quest #2- Your true powers are unleashed from your training under great gravity! Take out the rest of the crew to get to captain Ginyu!
Reward- + 2000 pl x3, + 2000 zeni ( in total)

Quest #3- You took out his dorky crew now to face a real opponent! The captain is ready for a good scrap!
Reward- + 8000 pl, + 3000 zeni

Quest #4- The tyrant Frieza is irratated at not getting his wish! If you thought the captain was tough wait till you face the lord of the universe!
Reward- + 10000 pl, + 5000 zeni

Quest #5- Frieza has gone through 1 transformation, and here comes the next ( 3rd form)! He may be big... but look out, he's quick!
Reward- + 12000 pl, + 6000 zeni

Quest #6- This is it the tyrants true power is revealed! Can you summon your legendary rage and surpass the strongest warrior in the universe?!?
Reward- + 15000 pl, + 8000 zeni


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