Majin Saga ( Earth)

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Majin Saga ( Earth)

Post  Goku on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:40 pm

Quest #1- The android threat is over, but to your surprise a new evil Babidi is attempting to revive a legendary terror! Can you beat his minions and stop him?
Reward- + 3000 pl, + 1000 zeni

Quest #2- You have trampled Babidi's minions but your fight has given Majin Buu power! Suddenly, Vegeta is consummed with the urge to fight you?!? Powered by Babidi's magic Vegeta may just put a dent in you!
Reward- + 8000 pl, + 3000 zeni

Quest #3- We'll call your fight with Vegeta a tie, but your powers have awoken Majin Buu! You can no longer sence Vegeta's power but you have to defeat Buu!
Reward- + 10000 pl, + 5000 Zeni

Quest #4- Your power in your new state is rivaled with Majin Buu's! But your energy is draining fast... Can you finish the fight in time?
Reward- + 12000 pl, + 7000 zeni

Quest #5- You have returned with a new strategy... The fusion Technique! Grab a powerful friend and join forces to whipe out the monster! ( Requires 2 people)
Reward- + 15000 pl, + 8000 zeni

Quest #6- Your fusion technique was far too tough, but you got to get your friends out of the being! It's gross stomach has dessolved the fusion, and now you have to fight by yourself...
Reward- + 18000 pl, + 10000 zeni

Quest #7- You succeded in getting your friends ( and the fat buu) out! But, every good thing must have some bad in it... You may have saved your friends, but now you have unleashed Buu's greatest form! You're the only one with enough strength to whipe him out... Do it!
Reward- + 25000 pl, + 15000 zeni


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