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Races and Abilities/ Transformations section

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Racial Ability: Gain 20% extra bonus even if they lose ( get 5k pl for their loss, racial ability gives 6k instead of 5k )

Description: The saiyan's are the strongest race in the universe... they have the ability to grow tremendously in power after a near death experience, it's said that they can transform and become even more powerful.

Starting Powerlevel: 7000 Pl ( Hp= 3/4 of pl ( 75% ), divide pl into speed, strength, and ki... also sight speed is 6/5 of your speed ( 120%) a good mix would be 2500 str, 2500 ki and 2000 sp

Starting Zeni/ Equipment:2000 zeni, Saiyan space pod, Wieghted training shirt ( gives extra 2000 pl increase after a battle )


Oozaro: A giant monkey that increases a saiyan's pl, but loses all reason...
PL Increase: 1.2x normal
Pl Needed: N/A ( always can use )
Requirement: Must be a full moon created by the artificial moon technique

Super Saiyan: The legendary warrior has awoken! in this form a saiyan's hair turns gold along with their aura... Huge power level increase!
PL Increase: 1.5x normal
Pl Needed: 80,000 pl is required
Requirement: Must go through an emotional trauma and write a 250 word rp on the experience ( marked by mod/admin)

Mastered Super saiyan: The saiyan remains in the super saiyan state forever ( except while sleeping )... Also a minor increase in power
Pl increase: 1.6x ( Permanent Transformation )
Pl Needed: 150,000 pl is needed
Requirement: Must explain how you managed to rise to this new level ( what training did you do?) in a 450 word rp. ( marked by admin only)

Super Saiyan 2: The saiyan's hair shoots up, and pure energy pulsates from their body!
Pl Increase: 2.2x normal
Pl Needed: 1 million
Requirement: Must go through a major trauma, and explain how your anger peaked... write a 700 word rp on this ( marked by mod/admin)

Super saiyan 3: The saiyan's hair elongates past his knee's and the energy becomes even more violent!
Pl increase: 2.5x
Pl Needed: 2,200,000
Requirement: Must write a 850 word rp on becoming one with your inner saiyan. ( Marked by mod or admin )

Super Saiyan 4: The saiyan's hair shortens again, and returns to normal colour but they are covered in a red fur.
Pl increase: 2.8x
Pl Needed: 3,500,000
Requirement: Explain how you regained your reason a sa golden oozaro... must be 1000 words ( marked by admin only)

Super saiyan 5 ( God Form): This is the all mighty form... the saiyan's hair grows longer again and turns white and pulsates blue energy!
Pl increase 3x ( Permanent Transformation)
Pl Needed: 15 Million
Requirement: Must make a story about a being that surpasses even your ssj4 form, and how helpless you are... must be 400 words ( Marked by an admin)

Half Saiyan/ Half Human:

Racial Ability: Gain 15% even if they lose, 5% increase to ki if losing badly

Description: An amazing cross between the human and saiyan races... They are slightly more powerful than the saiyan's, but are compassionate and friendly.

Starting Pl: 8000

Starting zeni/ Equipment: 1000 zeni, wieghted ankle braces, and shirt ( gives 1.5k pl and 2k pl extra per train)


Oozaro: A giant monkey
Pl Increase: 1.2x
Pl Needed: N/A
Requirement: Full moon ( technique)

Potential Unleashed: A gift from Guru
Pl Increase: 1.4x ( permanent)
Pl Needed: 65,000
Requirement: Must visit Guru on Planet Namek

Super Saiyan: A half saiyan's hair jets up and so does their pl!
Pl Increase: 1.6x
Pl Needed: 125,000
Requirement: Write a 350 word rp on the anger and pain you felt to reach the form.

Mastered Super Saiyan: Saiyan remains in the form
Pl Increase: 1.75x( permanant)
Pl Needed: 200,000
Requirement: Must go through intence training and write a 500 word rp

Super Saiyan 2( Power unleashed): The next level of super saiyan! A saiyans hair becomes more spikey and a violently powerful aura appears!
Pl Increaes: 2.2x
Pl Needed: 1,200,000
Requirement: Must suffer the pain of loss, and write a 750 word rp

Mystic Form ( Full potential ): The saiyan's powers pulsate past any known super saiyan!
Pl Increase: 2.8x ( Permanent)
Pl Needed: 10 Million
Requirement: Must visit elder kai on the kai's planet and write a 1000 word role play on the training of the cooky kai.


Racial Ability: Power to command a weak soldier ( power level= 1/20th of yours )

Description: A lizard like race that pocess great fighting techniques!

Starting Pl: 6000

Starting Zeni/ Equipment: 4000 zeni/ wieghted training bracelets/ ankle braces ( 1.5k pl/ 1.5k pl)


2nd Form: Grows in size and gains some power
Pl Increase:1.2x
Pl Needed: 50,000
Requirement: 200 word roleplay on why you had to reveal your power

3rd form: Gains great speed and power, and gets an arch on back
Pl Increase: 1.4x
Pl Needed: 140,000
Requirement: Must write a 500 word roleplay on the battle so far

Final Form: Shrinks in size but gains massive power and speed
Pl increase: 1.8x ( Permanent)
Pl Needed: 1 million
Requirement: Must write a 750 word roleplay on your new powers against the annoying fighter

Final Form ( Full Power): Gains massive muscles and powers over 2 times stronger
Pl increaes: 2.5x
Pl Needed: 3.5 million
Requirement: Must write a 800 word rp on the battle with the legendary warrior


Racial Ability: Can regrow limbs ( takes 3 hours )

Description: A green warrior that posesses decent fighting techniques

Starting Pl: 6500

Starting Zeni/ Equipment: 1500 Zeni/ Wieghted shirt ( 2000 extra pl per battle )


Super Namek:
Pl Increase: 1.3x
Pl Needed: 70,000
Requirement: 250 word rp

Sync with Nail:
Pl Increase: 1.5x( permanent)
Pl Needed: 120,000
Requirement: Must write a 400 word rp on meeting a namek warrior and fusing

Fuse with kami:
Pl Increase: 2x( permanent)
Pl Needed: 1 million
Requirement: Must go to earth and write a 600 word roleplay about fusing with your opposite

Androids/ Bio-Androids:

Racial Ability: Never tire out/ Gain 10% to speed if under 1/2 health

Description: Warriors created by Dr. Guru designed to destroy the universe

Starting Pl: 10,000

Starting Zeni/ Equipment: 5000 zeni/ Nothing


Super Androids:
Pl Increase: 1.5x
Pl Needed: 1 million
Requirement: 500 word rp on destroying your enemy

Perfect Form ( Only bio Androids )
Pl Increase: 1.8x
Pl Needed: 1.8 million
Requirement: 700 Word rp on becoming complete

Perfect Perfection ( Only Bio Androids )
Pl Increase: 2.2x( permanent)
Pl Needed: 3 million
Requirement: 850 word rp on being brought back from near death

Aliens/ Demons:

Racial Ability: Gain 10% strength when under half health

Starting Pl: 6000

Starting Zeni/ Equipment: 2000 zeni/ wieghted ankle braces ( 1.5k pl gain per battle)


Host absorbed: Absorbed a weak host ( Aliens only )
Pl Increase: 1.2x
Pl Needed: 60,000 pl
Requirement: 200 word rp on the struggle to absorb a host

Super powered form ( Aliens/ Demons): True strength is realized
Pl Increase: 1.8x( permanent)
Pl needed: 1 million
Requirement: 500 word roleplay on reaching full power


Racial Ability: Build space crafts ( space ships are half price)

Starting Pl: 5000

Zeni/ equipment: 2000 zeni/ wieghted shirt ( 2000 pl per fight)


Potential Unlocked:
Pl Increase: 1.2x( permanent)
Pl Needed: 100,000
Requirement: Must meet Guru on Planet Namek

World Champion:
Pl Increase: 1.5x( permanent)
Pl Needed: 500,000
Requirement: Must write a 500 word roleplay on becoming the champ

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