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Dragonball GT Saga

Post  Goku on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:53 pm

Quest #1- The adventures of DBZ are behind you... Now you move on to the toughest opponents! An alien life-form known as Baby has taken over the Earth while you were searching for the black star dragonballs! He has taken over Vegeta's body and your ssj3 form may not even cut it!
Reward- 5000 pl, 2000 zeni

Quest #2- Baby is too much for your limits! in this terrible time Baby sees that your helpless and plans to blow up your planet from the moon! Your friends have givem you their strength and now your stronger than ever! Take out Baby before the planet is toast!
Reward- 8000 pl, 5000 zeni

Quest #3- Baby is destroyed and now in the otherworld... Dr. Gero and Dr. Mew have created a second Android #17 which fuses with the first one to create an all powerful android! Can you unleash your true power and save the world?
Reward- 15000 pl, 10000 zeni

Quest #4- The dragonballs have been over used and now the accumulated negative energy has created the Shadow dragons! Can you defeat them and change the dragonballs back?
Reward- 12000 pl x 6, 25000 zeni

Quest #5- Syn Shenron is all that remains between you and Shenron! Take him down and change the world back to normal! But... Will it be that easy?
Reward- 25000 pl, 25000 zeni

Quest #6- Syn Shenron has absorbed the other D-balls and is now Omega Shenron! To your surprise he is even stronger than you and Vegeta in your ssj4 forms! The metamorin Fusion Technique is the only answer to this serious threat to the universe!
Reward- 30000 pl, 30000 zeni, 3 wishes from the blackstar d-balls
You can wish for:
- 20000 zeni
- 200 bp's
-40% to your pl
- A planet made just for you ( you name it too)
- Revive as many people as you want


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