Planet Vegeta Quests ( Made up)

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Planet Vegeta Quests ( Made up)

Post  Goku on Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:01 pm

Quest #1- A hord of Demons have come to take over the planet! Defeat these low class demon warriors!
Reward- 1000 pl, 200 zeni

Quest #2- The demon's master has come and he's alot tougher!
Reward- 2000 pl, 500 zeni

Quest #3- The legendary super-saiyan is born and his father isn't ready to give him up!
Reward- 3000 pl, 1000 zeni

Quest #4- Frieza is about to eliminate your planet! Fight back with Bardock!
Reward- 4000 pl, 1500 zeni


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