Planet Namek Quests ( Made up)

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Planet Namek Quests ( Made up)

Post  Goku on Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:08 pm

Quest #1- A saiyan has come to Namek and is killing the locals! Whipe him out!
Reward- 1000 pl, 200 zeni

Quest #2-Frieza has come to the planets and his minions are taking out the strongest warriors on the peaceful little planet! These guys have gone through enough, help them fight!
Reward- 2000 pl, 1000 zeni

Quest # 3- Namek was saved by the super saiyan and now with their new planet is under siege! A strange machine has latched on and is taking out the people!
Reward- 5000 pl, 2000 zeni

Quest #4- A terrible monster is ripping the planet apart! Summon your courage and eliminate the greatest threat ever!
Reward- 7000 pl, 3000 zeni


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