Android Saga ( Earth)

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Android Saga ( Earth)

Post  Goku on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:28 pm

Quest #1- A boy from the future has predicted 2 killer androids that are far stronger than even Frieza! Well... Here's 2 androids, but are they really that tough?
Reward- + 2000 pl, + 1000 zeni

Quest #2- The last 2 may not have been that tough but here are the ones the boy predicted! And, for an added bonus they brought a giant friend!
Reward- + 5000 pl x2 ( big one is friendly), + 3000 zeni

Quest #3- Kami has predicted an even greater enemy than the androids! Cell had appeared on the Earth!!
Reward- + 11000 pl, + 5000 zeni

Quest #4- Cell has absorbed Android #17 and grown far stronger! Will your training be enough?
Reward- + 15000 pl, + 7000 zeni

Quest #5- Guess what?!? While you were training in the HBTC Cell absorbed the other android and gained an imnsane amount of power! Can you unlock your deepest potential?
Reward- + 18000 pl, + 10000 zeni

Quest #6- Cell has detonated himself and become even stronger?!? How does that work? No time for answers, just finish him!
Reward- + 20000 pl, + 12000 zeni


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